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About us

I have registered with numerous agencies and they have not found me any work, why are you any different?

We know there is a huge number of agencies out there to choose from. Having been in operation for over 20 years now, we have seen many come and go. We can’t speak for other agencies and the service they deliver; we can only tell you about us. Here at 3D Recruit we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience to all the social work and social care professionals we work with.


What makes us different?

We listen. We take time to get to understand what it is that you are looking for, what your likes and dislikes are, what locations you are interested in, what your salary requirements are and so much more. Once we have got a clear and complete picture of what your ideal next career move looks like, we take a tailored approach in finding you just that.


We believe in building long lasting relationships. Here at 3D Recruit you are assigned a designated recruitment consultant. Many of our consultants have worked with their placed social workers for years. We don’t want to just assist you in securing your next role, we want to assist you in your next search and the one after that. Helping you achieve your long-term career goals.

But don’t just take our word for it! Give us a call and let us demonstrate to you why we’re the markets favourite independently owned social work recruitment agency.  




What is locum social work?

Locum social work is temporary social work. Locum social workers are in high demand in local authorities, statutory and non-statutory organisations for a number of reasons to include: a temporary increase in headcount needed, problems attracting permanent staff, and funding issues.


How does locum social work work?

If you have not worked as a locum social worker before then you might be wondering how it works. The process could not be easier and 3D Recruit will help you through every step of the way.

  1. We’ll take time to get to understand what it is that you’re looking for, the areas you’re looking for work in, your hourly rate requirements etc. We will then give you an overview of the market and then discuss some of our live locum vacancies. We will then look to book in a face to face or virtual registration meeting with you.

  2. The Social Work Resource consultant at Recruit will hold a registration meeting with you, to through the application form, get all your documents on file and to get your file fully safeguarded.

  3. Your consultant will then work closely with you to secure your next locum assignment, keeping you in the loop with new opportunities that land on desk that match your requirements.

  4. As interviews requests come in your consultant will arrange all of the interviews for you, choosing a time and date that works best for you. Coaching you free the interview stage and providing feedback from the hiring manager.

  5. Your consultant will then coach you through the offer stage and acceptance on your behalf.

  6. Once you have accepted a new role, your consultant will set you up with one of the umbrella companies on our PSL, or one of your choice to manage your payments ensuring they are IR35 compliant. (for more information around umbrella companies please see the accounts FAQ segment)

  7. Once you are all set up in your new role, your consultant will keep in touch on a regular basis. Being on hand to assist with anything you might need.


Is there a way I can enjoy the benefits of permanent work whilst enjoying the flexibility of being a locum?

Yes, there is. 3D Recruit have developed the ‘consultancy model’ offering for those who are looking for both the flexibility of a contractor and the stability of a permanent member of staff. For more information on this, speak to your consultant.


Registering with us

How do I register with you?

Click here to see our registration process

What documents do I need to send for registration process?

Right to work, two proof of address, DBS, safeguarding, Driving license, QTS, Qualifications, NI


What does it mean by a professional email address for a reference?

A professional email address is for a reference from a work place of employment


Portal and Timesheets

How can I submit my hours on the candidate portal (social work)?

1) Click on the Timesheets button at the top of the portal page

2) You will now see a list of all your draft timesheets

3) Click on the heading 'Start Date' to put your timesheets in date order

4) Click on the timesheet reference for the week you wish to submit hours for 

5) Check the vacancy title (for candidates who have more than one role in the same borough we put the pay rate in the vacancy title so that you are able to differentiate between the roles)

6) Now enter your total weeks hours worked in the 'Total hours' field

7) If your manager requires a breakdown of your hours, please populate the 'Hours breakdown' field with this information

8) Once you are happy that you have populated your hours and expenses in the appropriate boxes please scroll down to the field 'Please select yes if you have worked these hours' and select 'Yes'

9) Now press submit


How can I get my timesheets to show in date order?

1) Click on the Timesheets button at the top of the portal page

2) You will now see a list of all your draft timesheets

3) Click on the 'Date' heading - this will sort your timesheets into date order, the most recent being at the top and the furthest future timesheet at the bottom




When do I get paid?

All agency workers working through 3D Recruit are paid every Friday, a week in arrears. 


How can I tell if an Umbrella Company is not compliant?

The Key features to look out for are:

1) If the Umbrella Company sends you a written quote which differs to the Net Take home pay they verbally quote over the phone

2) If the Umbrella Company does not send you a written quote demonstrating the tax and NI deductions from your weekly Gross salary

3) If they quote you a take home pay which is more than 75% of your gross weekly salary

4) If you receive two separate payslips splitting your weekly earnings

5) If you receive one payslip with a low weekly payment and a letter which states, the remainder of your weekly salary

6) If the Umbrella Company states that you are not allowed to share your payslip with your agency

7) If the Umbrella Company does not send you or allow you access to your payslips on a weekly basis


Do I have to use one of the umbrella companies on your PSL or can I use another?

3D Recruit strongly recommend that locum workers who are deemed as working inside of IR35, only register with a fully compliant and FCSA accredited Umbrella Company. The repercussions of registering with an Umbrella Company who are not compliant and do not have the FCSA accreditation can be; an investigation into your chosen Umbrella Company which can lead to extremely high fines from HMRC, which are payable by the locum who registered with the Umbrella Company. Your manager and place of work may also be notified as a result of an investigation from the HMRC into your chosen Umbrella Company.

The three Umbrella Companies included within our PSL are; SmartWork, PayStream and Generate FS, who are all FCSA accredited and have passed the compliance checks conducted by 3D Recruit. By registering with an Umbrella Company that is featured on 3D Recruit's PSL, you will be safe in knowledge that you have registered with a compliant and reliable Umbrella Company, therefore avoiding any risk of HMRC investigations or fines.

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