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How our registration process works

Step 1 – Send us your CV!

Please send  a copy of your CV to

Step 2 – Prescreening Call 

An experienced Resource Consultant from our Social Work Team will give you a call within 24 hours. We will talk through your CV, learn what you are looking to do next in your career, and discuss how we can find you work.


Step 3 – Interview

We will book in a Face to Face interview which will last approximately 45 minutes. In this interview, we will talk more in depth about your experience in social work and suitable job opportunities. Before your interview you will need to make sure you have completed our application form, provided references and copies of your documents.


Step 4 – Compliance

Rachel from our Compliance Team will work on your file, to assure you meet the safeguarding standards. 


Step 5 – Find You Work

If you’ve met our safeguarding standards, we will then be able to offer you work! Within 24 hours of your file passing our audit, a Recruitment Consultant will call to discuss the work opportunities we have for you.   

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